“Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self”


In ancient Indian Philosophy, yoga has a history of 5000 years and it is an art of discovering your inner self through various techniques. Yoga enhances the physical and mental well-being of an individual through various poses or postures that improve the control of body and mind.



The inventor of yoga in unknown but it is being practised from long before any written evidence of yoga came into existence. Male and female yoga practitioners are called as yogis and yoginis respectively. Both took the responsibility of passing the discipline of yoga to the next generation through their students and this led to the development of various yoga schools which eventually led to the expansion of the reach of this practice on a global scale. Presently, fitness is the motive for a majority of people to practice yoga. But in ancient times yoga was practised by people to increase their spiritual energy using mental focus and breathing methods.



There are six branches of yoga which are as follows,
• Hatha yoga
• Raja yoga
• Karma yoga
• Bhakti yoga
• Jnana yoga
• Tantra yoga

Each style or branch of yoga has its objectives or outcomes and having a specific goal in mind about Yoga can help you decide which style to follow



The literal meaning of word chakra is nothing but a spinning wheel. According to yoga, chakras are the centre points of the physical body, thoughts, feelings and energy. Experiencing reality through desires, fear, emotional reactions and physical effects is determined by the chakras.

The seven major chakras each with their importance are as follows,
• Sahasrara: This chakra represents the state of pure consciousness.
• Ajna: it relates to the pituitary gland which drives development and growth.
• Vishuddha: It is the throat chakra and is represented by the colour blue or red. It is considered to be the home of hearing, speech and metabolism.
• Anahata: It is the heart chakra which relates to the colours pink and green,
• Manipura: It represents the navel chakra which is connected with the digestive system, fear, anxiety and developing opinions.
• Svadhishthana: It is the pelvic chakra which includes reproductory organs.
• Muladhara: It is the root chakra which contains natural urges related to sex, survival and food.



Modern yoga focuses on poses and stretches which are designed to stimulate physical energy and inner peace. Depending upon what people want to derive from yoga, there are different styles in it. Yoga mainly focuses on inner strength and awareness and only by doing so one can enhance their spiritual energy. Yoga keeps you mentally and physically healthy which improves your quality of living. Various postures involved in yoga can eliminate all the negative emotions inside you and thereby relieves anxiety and provides inner peace.

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