About Mahima Yoga Peeth

The Mahima Yoga Peeth is one of the leading yoga school in Rishikesh. Situated at a small town located at the foothills of the Himalayas, the experts and professionals at the Mahima Yoga Peeth offers every learner and trainee a unique platform that they can to learn and incorporate yoga and meditation with their everyday life. All of this learning and practicing takes place in an ashram-like surrounding that helps each individual to absorb the natural positive energy and provide a greater strength to the world around them.

The special faculty of the Mahima Yoga Peeth includes

  • Vishwajeet Singh, who specializes in meditation. He has been involved in many spiritual practices since childhood.
  • Neeraj Yogi, the Ashtangu Vinyasa, is known for his powerful adjustments, Yogi Neeraj Ji has an experience of 5 years in teaching yoga.
  • Jagjeet Singh specializes in Anatomy and Philosophy.
  • Yogi Charan Ji specializes in Hath and Ashtanga.
  • Yogi Sachin Ji specializes in Shat-Karma and Pranayama.


Think about getting yoga education, you will be able to understand the different ways in which it can motivate you to get the basic knowledge about one’s personality, the unique ways you of handling yourself in every situation of life and to get good health all your life.


Privacy Policy
We at Mahima Yoga Peeth have a very strict policy made for maintaining the privacy of every individual enrolled at the institution. These privacy guidelines are followed at every campus of the Mahima Yoga Peeth and are to be protected at all costs. These privacy policies have been put into working because we are responsible for every participant’s safe-keeping. Providing everybody with a protected environment is our primary concern and any breach of policy results in strict punishment too. That is why every individual must provide the authorities with accurate information and must enroll lawfully for superior protection and safety.

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