100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course

Mahima yoga peeth offers a 100-hour yoga teacher training course through which you will be able to learn two styles of Yoga, namely Yin yoga and Aerial Yoga. Each style has its importance which will be taught to you as the course progresses. Apart from training, several other facilities are also provided to make your experience at Mahima Yoga peeth a comfortable one.

We at Mahima yoga Peeth understands the fact, that Not everyone is able to afford the time period needed to attend Yoga training Course. Your time constraints under no circumstances should be a deterrent to your learning. You excel from those and could focus on a couple of styles. We have made a course which is intended for individuals with time limits. Each of the crucial elements of Yin yoga are packaged into a 100 hours course. You will learn about the important styles that would help you in the very long term.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is convenient and knowledge would be achieved by you at the end of this program. You can rest certain of becoming a yoga teacher that was well-reached as a consequence of this course. You give gain awareness on yogic physiology and philosophy. You would be rendered all the support you need to instruct. You’ll Be a certified yoga teacher in 12 days period. Mahima Yoga Peeth also offering 50 hour yoga teacher training100 hour Aerial Yoga teacher training and multi-style 200 hour yoga teacher training, 300 hour yoga teacher training & 500 hour Yoga teacher training course which include Aerial Yoga, Yin yoga, Vinyasa Asthanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga. You would delight in the time spent to relish your practices.


  • Some yoga styles are physically challenging and others are relaxing and make you feel serene. A perfect blend of both types is required to stay whole. In this fast-paced world which is constantly running, movement is a very important aspect. This style of yoga allows you to be still and makes you feel your presence. Yin yoga is soothing and slow. Its meditative style targets several areas and parts of our body which include bones, deep connective tissues, ligaments and fascia. Targeting the connective tissues, only passive poses are held for about 2 to 3 minutes. 
  • For the ones who love to keep themselves charming and young, this yoga is the best style that they can opt. it works on the fascial system and helps in slowing down the ageing process. 
  • This yoga works such that while you maintain a deep breath, optimal tension is applied to your muscles to stimulate the connective tissues. 
  • In this course, you will also learn about the yin yang theory which is an essential part of this style of yoga. Introduction to Chinese medicines related to meridians, organs and fascia also forms a part of this course. 


  • Knowledge of the amalgamation of the Yin Yoga and Ayurveda therapy is capable of deepening the knowledge of Yoga practice in practitioners. In fact, it is a good way to get introduced to pranic healing as well as energy medication. It is suitable for teachers as well as students who are at different levels of learning and teaching. Even health practitioners can be benefitted by this combi of Yin Yoga and Ayurveda.
  • With the practice of Yin Yoga and Ayurveda combined together, the principles belonging to both these aspects are woven into our minds. Once the assimilation of the above principles is done, it will be possible to impart this knowledge forward seamlessly.
  • With this imparting of knowledge, it will also be possible to add appeal and distinct value to all classes. This finally leads to the reduction of fatigue in bodies with a resulting increase in vitality in the bodies. Ayurveda and Yin Yoga can work together to manage anxiety as well as working effectively towards pranic healing. All this finally results in detoxification and rejuvenation of the entire body and mind.

Time Split Between Module



Our Yin Yoga curriculum includes familiarization with all the poses and postures of Yin Yoga and application of different modifications skillfully and confidently. It also teaches the lineages or structure of Yin Yoga and the power one can achieve from its practice. Along with a full study of Thai Acupressure Massage, it also lets you explore the art energy transfer by subtle touches. The 100 HR Yin Yoga training helps you learn the advanced Yin Yoga sequencing method. Yin Yoga teaches you how to spread calmness through Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, also known as Ren Du. The Buddhist views of emptiness and Karma teach how to integrate all the corpus of knowledge within one’s own self and thereby create one’s own philosophy. 

Our Yin Yoga program helps the practitioners witness the way towards a far more contemplative aspect of Yoga. Through practise of this yoga, the connective tissues of the body are worked upon so that the flexibility of the body is increased as a whole. As a result, the practitioner can sit for meditation for a longer period of time. Holding the postures for long periods of time is practised here so that the levels of concentration of the practitioners are increased and the mind becomes one-pointed. To sum up, relaxation is the way and the observation is the key to this practice.

Daily Schedule

Time Session Teachers
06:30-08:30 am Asana class: aerial/ yin/cleansing/Pranyama/ kriyas Siddharth
08:30-09:30 am Breakfast  
10:00-11:20 am Philosophy/ Teaching methodology class Jagjeet
11:30-01:30 pm Asana clinic/ Adjustment/ Practicum Neeraj
01:30-03:30 pm Lunch & recreational time  
03:30-04:20 pm Anatomy/ Physiology class Jagjeet
04:30-06:00 pm Asana class: Aerial/ Yin Siddharth
06:30-07:30 pm Meditation/ Kirtan/ Ayurveda/ Group discussion Sachin
07:30-08:00 pm Dinner  
08:00-09:00 pm Study time  

100 Hours YTT

Month Start Date End Date Status
January’ 2020 02 January 2020 13 January 2020 Book Now
February’ 2020 02 February 2020 13 February 2020 Book Now
March’ 2020 02 March 2020 13 March 2020 Book Now
April’ 2020 02 April 2020 13 April 2020 Book Now
May’ 2020 02 May 2020 13 May 2020 Book Now
June’ 2020 02 June 2020 13 June 2020 Book Now
July’ 2020 02 July 2020 13 July 2020 Book Now
August’ 2020 02 August 2020 13 August 2020 Book Now
September’ 2020 02 September 2020 13 September 2020 Book Now
October’ 2020 02 October 2020 13 October 2020 Book Now


  • Single Room
  • 700/12 Days
  • 11 Nights Accommodation
  • Course Fee
  • State-of-the-Art Course Manual and Materials
  • Kriya Set
  • Single Room
  • Air Conditioner Room
  • 3 veg meals/day (Sunday excluded)
  • Shuttle Pick Up Dehradun Airport at Jollygrant
  • WiFi / Giftset for use
  • Twin Room
  • 550/12 Days
  • 11 Nights Accommodation
  • Course Fee
  • State-of-the-Art Course Manual and Materials
  • Kriya Set
  • Single Room
  • Air Conditioner Room
  • 3 veg meals/day (Sunday excluded)
  • Shuttle Pick Up Dehradun Airport at Jollygrant
  • WiFi / Giftset for use


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